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PMP Sample Question on Stakeholders bothering team with project information questions

The Situation

A sample question that asks.... what would you do first.

We have team members who cannot complete their work because stakeholders are requesting project information.

Lets look at a sample question video.


Project Management Reality

Have you ever had stakeholders "bother" your team members so much that your team members struggled to complete their work?  We need to find a proactive solution so this does not continue to occur on our projects.

Thought process to get the question right on the PMP exam

We have another very similar question that asks what you could have done differently.  This questions asks what you should do first.

I will eliminate Answer A because of the word "ignore".

I will eliminate Answer B because, as the Project Manager, I do not want the stakeholders interrupting my work. 

Answer C and D both say to review plans.  Now I need to ask, do I look at the communications management plan or the stakeholder engagement plan.  I would like at the communications management plan because of the phrase " project information" in the question.  The stakeholders need project information.  The communications management plan tells me our plan to provide them information.


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