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PMP® Exam Sample Question on What First with outdated drawing with Aileen

The Situation

A PMP Exam Sample Question to see if we really now what to do first when we run into an issue with an outdated drawing.  Good luck.

Lets look at the PMP Exam Sample Question video.    Make sure you pause the video after you (or I ) read the question.  Answer the question on your own and then listen to my response on why the best answer is best and the other answers are not as good. 



Project Management Reality

Have you ever realized that you are using outdated drawings, outdated procedures on your project?

Thought process to get this question right on the PMP® Exam

To get this question right on the PMP® Exam or the CAPM® Exam we really need to understand the idea of what we would do first.  Often when the exam asks you what you would do first, all the potential answers are things you should do, the real question is which is most important to get done first.

I will eliminate Answer A because of the word "blame".  In reality I would eliminate this answer even if the word was "responsible".  The word "blame" makes this an easy elimination.

I like Answer B because of of the word "quality".  We want to understand the impact the outdated drawing is having on quality.  This is the immediate concern.

I will eliminate Answer C because this does nothing to address the issue.  I am the project manager, not senior management.  Also the phrase "at the next project review session" makes this an easy elimination.  We are trying to determine what to do first.

We certainly need to do Answer DWould we do this though before or after we determine the quality impact?  I would do it after.   


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