Are you Ready

to Commit,

to obtaining your CAPM® Credential

in the next 60 days?

People desire the CAPM® Credential for many different reasons:

Some need the certification to get a job, or to get a better job, or to get better at the job they already have.

Some people are motivated by their current or future employer, some are motivated by a customer, and many are self motivated. 


What is motivating you?

People struggle to obtain the CAPM® Credential for even more reasons:


Our experience and our life:

Some of us struggle because we have been working on projects for years and are frustrated we have to pass an exam to prove our worth.

Some of us struggle because we have a life full of commitments including work and family and community.  These commitments are real and important to us.

For me, I struggled because I was a really good project manager, but a really bad test taker.  Can you relate?

What is your struggle?


Studying is hard:

There is so much content covered on the exam.  How can we study it all?

Have you signed up for a CAPM® Prep Course only to have the instructor read 500 PowerPoint Slides to you?

There are thousands and thousands of sample questions available.   How do you know as a student, which sample questions are valid and which are not valid for the current exam?

Almost all of the sample questions available tell us what is the right answer, but they don't explain why the right answer is right.

Very few providers explain why the wrong answers are wrong.  Therefore, we end up memorizing answers that we do not understand.

Are you at the point where you have so many questions on the exam content, and there is no one available to provide answers?

Why is studying hard for you?

I have been where you are and I know your frustration.

While I was taking the PMP® exam I swore I was going to create a well designed and interesting course on how to pass the CAPM® Exam and the PMP® Exam so no one would ever need to suffer like I did.

I would love to be your personal Coach to pass the CAPM®  Exam and provide you:

The knowledge and confidence to pass the exam without wasting time and money.

What you will learn:

  • How to read exam questions and identify key words, eliminate wrong answers, and be confident in selecting the best answer, over and over.
  • Which tools and techniques to use when.  Why one tool and technique may make more sense in certain situations.
  • How to pass the exam on your first (or next) try.
  • How to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close a project from start to finish.

Will you let me help you obtain your CAPM® Certification within the next 60 days? 

Once you commit...

 to get started you will be on your path to success.  I will be there with you through videos, sample questions, and live online coaching.

You will find it easy to commit to studying every day when you have:

  • a study plan where you can check progress
  • videos to teach you the content to pass the exam and manage real life projects
  • quizzes to check your knowledge and re-enforce learning

Now imagine:

  • a live coach to answer your questions and provide guidance every step of the way
  • explanations of why right answers are right and wrong answers are wrong

Why invest in this program?

  • How many days, weeks, months or years have you wasted thinking about obtaining your CAPM® Certification
  • Are you ready to find a job, find a better job, or for most of us, get much better at the job we already have

Why Aileen and AME Group, Inc.? 

  • Aileen Ellis has over 22 years experience facilitating CAPM® and PMP® Prep Workshops. 
  • Aileen has personally helped thousands of professionals obtain their CAPM® Certification and their PMP® credential through her workshops and books.
  • Aileen will be your coach on your journey to successfully pass the CAPM® Exam.

What are you buying?

My program is designed with you in mind.   Each video and quiz, and the organization of the information is planned to help you pass the exam on your first (next) try.

Try Out a Sample Video

Aileen's CAPM® exam online self study program includes over 200 videos.  Try one out right now.





Try out a Sample Quiz

Aileen's CAPM® Exam Online Self Study Program includes over 1,000 sample questions.  Try your hand at one of our quizzes. 

I teach CAPM® prep the way I would have wanted to learn!

Here is how my program is organized.

The PMBOK® Guide

The material is arranged by process group to help us learn what to do first and what to do next on our projects. 


This material is designed to deepen our understanding of Agile practices.

Let's Really Test Ourselves

These sections are designed for your final review.  Some people with limited time will just use these sections.

Vicky Harrod, PMP - PMI Pikes Peak Chapter

Passed in June 2020

Aileen’s self-paced study program is the best I have come across. It is an example of her passion to share her knowledge that is supported by a reasonable price. Could not have passed without this program! Thank you Aileen, your dedication to supplying information is evident.

Brian Gilpin, PMP

Passed in June 2020

I took my PMP exam yesterday and passed! I would highly recommend your course. I don’t think there is a more reasonably priced PMP prep program out there than yours. In addition to a very reasonable price, your program delivers great value – passing the PMP!

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  • 200+ Videos
  • 1,000+ Sample Questions
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  • Answers to all your questions directly from Aileen

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  • 200+ Videos
  • 1,000+ Sample Questions
  • 2 Complete Final Exams
  • Answers to all your questions directly from Aileen
  • Certificate for 23 Contact Hours



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  • access through December 15, 2022
  • 200+ Videos
  • 1,000+ Sample Questions
  • 2 Complete Final Exams
  • Answers to all your questions directly from Aileen
  • Certificate for 23 contact hours