How To Effectively Practice Using An Online Whiteboard For The PMP Exam


With the introduction of online testing for the PMP Exam PMI has adapted its test to include an online whiteboard to aid with testing. On this webpage I will explain everything you need to know about this whiteboard as well as explain what I think is the best way to practice using them.

This Webpage consists of:

  1. PMI's information about the new whiteboards
  2. Aileen's recommendation for practicing utilizing a whiteboard
  3. Aileen's Sample Question using an online whiteboard

Finally, Aileen shares lessons learned and words of advice from recent test takers.

OnVue Whiteboard


Here is a link to information on the whiteboard available to people taking the PMP Exam from home.  This information is provided by Person VUE.

PMI's Information on Whiteboards Whiteboard


When practicing for the PMP Exam Aileen recommends using MBA's Whiteboard. This is the closest thing Aileen could find to the one you will find on the PMP Exam.  Access to this whiteboard for practice is free. Whiteboard

Sample Question Using an Online Whiteboard

Below is a video where Aileen works through a Network Diagram Sample Question utilizing the online whiteboard she recommends. 

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A few Recent Test Takers share their Feedback on the new Whiteboard System for the PMP® Exam

George N., PMP

There was a question to identify the critical path from a table. It was easy after similar ones in the simulator. I could have solved it from the top of my head, but wanted to make sure I don’t make any mistake, so I opened the online whiteboard and drafted the network diagram like “A 3”, “B 5” etc. in text boxes, and connected them by lines. Completed it in less than a minute, because I practiced a lot before on the online whiteboard.


Carlos D., PMP

I took my exam at a pearson vue testing center.  (In San Antonio the centers are open).

I had to wear a mask the whole time which was difficult since i wear reading glasses so they would fog up from time to time.

I used the laminated sheets for data dump and only did the network diagram on it and a few formulas.   


Linda C., PMP

I tested from home. I live in Florida.  The Whiteboard is ok.  I must tell you though that I purchased a digital Whiteboard once I received the Guidelines from PMI about the “ Proctored Online option” and practiced for 30 minutes every day for the past 3 weeks.  I opened it as soon as the instructions came up.  I only used it once, to write down my CP calculations.  It was not erased when I came back for the second portion of the exam.


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